IT Enabled Services

Desktop Publishing


E-Publishing Services:

The services provided to publishers and authors make sure that for various eBook formats there's total management within the materialization of the eBook, and any changes are integrated right away.

Whatever format your documents are presently in, NIT will flip them into ebooks quickly being price effective.We can handle any kind of electronic input we tend to process to provide HTML/XHTML/XML/ InDesign. We've capability to method massive volume of files with cost-efficient on our in-house capability tools and processes.


ePub3 defines a means of representing, packaging and encoding structured and semantically enhanced Web content — including XHTML, CSS, SVG, images, audio, video and other resources — for distribution in a single-file format.

Taking source content from any format and transforming it for distribution through any medium - from eReaders and smart phones, to tablets, PC’s and print - NIT helps leading global enterprises unlock new top-line revenue in an evolving digital- and mobile-centric content marketplace.

XML Services

Editorial and composition services are part of our digital publishing solutions, and reflect NIT’s long history as an editorial and production partner to the world’s largest publishers.

As experts in LaTeX, InDesign, and FrameMaker, we provide front-end XML designs (XMLPublish) for simultaneous, multi-channel delivery to both print and digital mediums. Illustration rendering, scanning, and correction in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, DeltaGraph, and other graphic applications are integrated tightly with XML conversion workflows.

Fixed Layout

IDPF says — EPUB® documents, unlike print books or PDF files, are designed to change. The content flows, or reflows, to fit the screen and to fit the needs of the reader. The EPUB 3.0 Specification says that “content presentation should adapt to the user rather than the user having to adapt to a particular representation of content. Fixed-layout documents give content creators greater control over presentation, when a reflowable EPUB is not suitable for the content.

XML DTD Schema

We develop XML based DTD design SCHEMA workflows for our customers with specialized services for XML structuring includes of stylesparse-validate-artwork and perform DTD edits. Our in-house developed tools has a good control over the XML methodology with user friendly interface and accurate structuring of the processes involved in XLS, XLT and XHTML conversion.

We transform and combined of XML to and from:

  • PDF to XML
  • Word/RTF to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • XHTML to XML

And also

  • XML to HTML
  • XML to XHTML
  • XML to PDF document
  • XML to Word/RTF


Outsource Outbound Call Center Services at NIT:

Cost becomes the most important concern and quality is something you would not want to compromise on. This is when the relevance of call center outsourcing is at its peak. Deploy your outbound call center services to our centre and see your profits grow. At NIT, we serve our customers with top-notch outbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele. We follow a proven result oriented process with guaranteed value for money. And it's not just about money – our outbound BPO services have functioned as extensions of our customer companies and produced remarkable results.

NIT’S outbound call center services Here is a list of the outbound contact center services that we provide:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Lead generation services
  • Appointment setting services
  • Database services
  • Market intelligence services
  • Direct mail follow-up services


Experienced transition team ensures smooth flow

  • Transition team understands process
  • Develops model and metric
  • Imparts training thru various channels
  • Train the trainer approach
  • Ongoing support

Our outbound sales call center professionals also have expertise in the following:

  • Product sales
  • Order taking
  • Customer support
  • Sales lead generation
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Sales support
  • Order fulfillment
  • Conference & registration
  • 3rd party verification
  • Product launches

In case you have a unique outbound contact center requirement, do share your requirement with us. We can customize our outbound call center solutions to specifically meet your business requirements.

Your benefits in outsourcing outbound BPO services

  • You can save a huge 60% on operating costs, making a huge difference to your budget
  • You get a dedicated team of outbound call center agents who work on a 24x7x365 basis
  • All calls are monitored and recorded for your references
  • The quality of the calls are ensured by our managers and you can review the same on a real-time basis
  • Rigorous trainings are organized to make sure that our outbound employees are well versed in meeting your goals

High quality infrastructure at NIT makes sure that the probability of system breakdowns are nearly zero